Friday, June 22, 2007

Famous Jamaican People

Jamaican heritage is something to be proud of. The list of Jamaican accomplishments is long and varied. If you're a Champagnie with Jamaican heritage and ancestry, you can be proud of Jamaica in the fields of art, music, spirituality, food, philosophy, politics, sports, and many more.

Jamaican Visionaries
Jamaica is known for producing great visionaries like Marcus Garvey and Alexander Bustamante. Marcus Garvey was a great publisher and journalist as well as founder of the Universal Negro Improvement Association in the 1930s. Alexander Bustamante founded the first trade union, the Bustamante Industrial Trade Union.

Jamaican art and music
The most popular form of Jamaican music is reggae, which has a sound is so easy to enjoy that it has gained popularity throughout the world. The popularity of this genre has continued to this day. Dancehall is also growing in popularity. But reggae isn't the only kind of music Jamaica offers. Traditional African-style chant and repeat music is also popular, and gospel music is unprecedented.

Jamaican Sports
Cricket is the sport most Jamaicans get riled up over, and George Headley, a star from the 1930s, is arguably Jamaica’s most famous cricket star. Don Quarrie is a Jamaican man regarded as one of the finest sprinters in the history of track and field. Quarrie competed in five Olympic games. This is an exceptional accomplishment for a sprinter. The lovable Jamaican bobsled team, who worked hard for the Olympics despite living on a snowless island.

Jamaican Food
Most popular on the menu is jerk, a marinade that can be added to almost anything. The spicy sauce includes many of the island's native ingredients. Callaloo, ackee and saltfish are fantastic Jamaican dishes, and should be finished off with some warm plantains for dessert.

Jamaican Spirituality
According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Jamaica has the most churches per square mile of any place on the planet. The island hosts many different Christian denominations, including Anglicans, Baptists, Catholics, Methodists, Seventh Day Adventists, and Presbyterians. But the religious are not only Christians: Jews, Hindus, Muslims, Bahai's, and Rastafarians call Jamaica home.

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